The Top Three Greatest Restaurants in Jacksonville

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Jacksonville’s a pretty large city, and there are a lot of different restaurants. You could probably eat out every meal for a month and still find something new to try. Maybe not at different restaurants, at least. I think my favorite part about eating here isn’t just the quality of the food, but it’s the sheer variety that is offered. With so many people in Jacksonville, you can’t trust all of the reviews. But you can trust mine.

ethiopian restaurant in jacksonville

Each one of these restaurants will be have some degree of a vegetarian or vegan theme, only because I think that it’s a style of cuisine more people need to try. First up on my list of reviews is Nile Ethiopian Restaurant. If you were to ask any stranger you met on the street if they had tried Ethiopian food, they would likely say no. After all, how many Ethiopians live here and have the money to start a restaurant of their own?

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant is located near San Jose in Jacksonville, which has some pretty nice scenery. It’s also not too far from the country club, but I prefer the food here to be honest. If I had to pick one dish off of the menu, it would probably be the vegetarian platter. Hey, I said there was an element of vegetarianism somewhere in here, didn’t I?

The menu itself has a nice variety, so it is really tough to single out one item as the best. Some other great dishes include the lamb tibs, and the Doro Wat chicken stew. You don’t have to eat meatless, but at the same time if you choose to then you will not be let down. What’s better is that the chefs do no skimp on proportions. Some restaurants are hesitant to put too much food on your plate for some reason, even though you are a paying customer.

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant has some great chefs, and it is pretty obvious that they care about the customer more than usual. Having a lot of different choices for your food isn’t enough in this day and age, and you need to have great food as well. Actually, that’s probably a timeless aspect of the restaurant industry.

Regardless, Nile Ethiopian Restaurant has never once served me a bad dish. There has never been over or undercooked food, and I have never been sick after returning to my house. I know a lot of people are reluctant to eat new foreign food that they have never tried because it might upset their stomach. I am here to make all of your fears go away.

I also really like the service at this Jacksonville restaurant. Nile Ethiopian Restaurant’s servers are really friendly and helpful, which is always appreciated. Having a helpful waiter when you visit a new restaurant is pretty much a necessity, because you don’t know what to order yet. That’s my opinion, at least. The servers here have a lot of suggestions, both from their own personal thoughts and what the other customers have ordered.

In fact, I pretty much always see a decent amount of customers in the restaurant. It’s never too busy, but it’s also not empty at the same time. Having a good balance is a good sign in a business, because it means that they can handle the volume of business but also stay afloat at the same time. After all, the restaurant industry is extremely competitive.

Luckily, Nile Ethiopian Restaurant sets a pretty high bar for other Ethiopian restaurants. If you don’t believe me because I don’t really have anything negative to say about this Jacksonville restaurant, you could always just read the great online reviews instead. I have, from time to time.

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Second, there’s Taste of Thai. Just because it’s not at the top of the list doesn’t mean it’s not as good. In fact, all three of these restaurants are all equally as good. With so many restaurants in Jacksonville, you know some of them are going to have to be great. Narrowing it down to three was hard enough. This time around, you will be dining near Sans Souci in Jacksonville.

There will always be a special place in my heart for Pad Thai, and this was one of the few occasions when I did not need to ask the server for help. Family-owned restaurants usually have a very friendly atmosphere, and Taste of Thai is no exception. Managing a business on your own can be tough, especially when you need to find someone for different repairs. Other family-owned restaurants that I have seen in Jacksonville were a little lacking in the kitchen sanitation department.

Kitchen hoods are a important hazard to keep track of. If Taste of Thai is unhappy with their hood cleaners, I know some restaurant hood cleaners in Jacksonville that can get the job done. I used to have a friend who worked with them, and he told me that the vast majority of restaurants in Jax were starting to contact this place.

I think it’s because they offer a lot of different services, like commercial kitchen equipment cleaning. I’ll have to tell the owner next time I see him. They have an about page, so you could learn all you need to before calling. Taste of Thai also happens to have just as many positive reviews as the other two restaurants, and it’s no secret why.

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Finally, there’s Noura Cafe & Middle Eastern Foods. I saved this one for last because it’s more of a cafe, and I wanted to appeal to a broader audience first. Noura Cafe & Middle Eastern Foods is still one of the greatest restaurants I have been to in Jacksonville, and that’s saying a lot with all the stiff competition.

The lamb gyro platter will make your mouth water, just from reading the description on the menu alone. Even if you’re more of a falafel person, Noura Cafe has something on the menu for you. I have never had any major complaints after eating here, and the quality of the food has always been consistent.

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a meal and coming back to a worse tasting version of it. Again, there are some amazing reviews that I have read for Noura Cafe. I’m always surprised at how great some of these Jacksonville restaurants get rated, because owning and managing a restaurant is not easy. Lakewood in Jacksonville is starting to sound like a better place to live with each passing day.