Three Great Las Vegas Restaurants for Tourists

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Las Vegas has always been a very popular destination for tourists to visit, and Memorial Day was no exception. People don’t just come for the casinos, but they come for the overall experience. One of the things that they will experience is food, unless they do not eat for some reason. Since there were so many people (old and new) coming and going throughout Las Vegas, that means people need suggestions for food. Here are three restaurants that you should definitely check out, unless you either already have some places in mind or you feel like eating at a bad restaurant.

singaporean food las vegas

For any newcomers to Las Vegas, Flock and Fowl is the first restaurant that you should visit. Flock and Fowl is located in downtown Las Vegas, but if you know how to navigate the crowds then the dense population should not be a problem. Contrary to popular belief, Flock and Fowl is not in fact a chicken wing place. Instead, this is an Asian restaurant with food mainly originating from Singapore. How many restaurants do you know of that offer Singaporean food?

It is not just unique, though. The food is also amazing, even by Las Vegas and Asian food standards. The first thing that you will notice upon entering Flock and Fowl is the aesthetic, so I will start there for the purposes of the review. This Las Vegas restaurant has a very beautifully designed interior, offering both great lighting and a great view. Some other restaurants in Las Vegas can go a little overboard with their interior decorations, offering little room for the imagination.

Flock and Fowl does not need tons of flashy colors or “tasteful” artwork, and I appreciate the near-minimalist aspects of its design. Another thing that really makes Flock and Fowl unique is the restaurant’s open kitchen. You can sit at tables situated near the kitchen and watch them cook like I do, which is always a treat. Flock and Fowl has a very clean kitchen from what I can see, which only means one thing: the management values sanitation. This is very important in restaurants, and can either drive customers away or bring them in depending on where your restaurant lies on the scale.

A lot of restaurants in downtown Las Vegas are covered by an amazing Hood Cleaning Service found right here in the city. You can contact Las Vegas Hood Cleaning from their website, or you can Google them to find their phone number. Whatever you do, just make sure you do it fast. You could be losing customers each minute if your kitchen is dirty. Unless your restaurant’s food is great as Flock and Fowl’s, of course.

My favorite dish to order from here is the Signature Hainanese Chicken Rice, because chicken dishes tend to be my favorites. Typically I will order something with noodles in it, but once all those start to get boring then I fall back on my old favorite. I’m not sure what it is about Asian chefs that makes them so skilled, but it seems like American chefs just aren’t up to par with the quality in their cooking.

Even if you do bring someone with you who typically finds something negative to say about every item on the menu, the servers should be able to help you find something that they will enjoy. You won’t just have to take my word for it, though. Go online and read one of Flock and Fowl’s many great online reviews, and you might even find a suggestion or two off of the menu beforehand. That will make your visit just a little bit faster and easier.

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Next up, Rollin Smoke Barbecue. It was tough to not list this restaurant first, but that is only because barbecue is my favorite style of cuisine. This time around, you will be dining just a few streets down from the Las Vegas Strip. The Strip has all of everyone’s favorite restaurants, but there is one key reason why I refuse to eat at any of them. They’re too expensive!

Fortunately for me, I still have affordable BBQ located right here in town by way of Rollin Smoke Barbecue. There is no G, and that is not a typo. Here, it is difficult for me to decide on a favorite item. The brisket is to die for, but maybe you’re not a huge brisket person. That’s why I also like to order the Outlaw burger and the potato salad that has bacon in it.

You’ve never had a potato salad like this, and I can guarantee that. Top all of this great food with affordable prices, and it should not come across as a surprise that I am a regular here. If only I could find some way to make healthy barbecue from home. Again, you should expect nothing short of positive reviews online for this Las Vegas restaurant.

vegas flock and fowl

Finally, Nacho Daddy should hopefully hit it home for you if you’re still unsatisfied. Or you somehow resisted the other two restaurants’ grasps and didn’t become a regular like me. Whatever the case, Nacho Daddy serves exactly the kind of food that you would expect. However, the breakfast from here is also very good. Not a lot of places in Las Vegas can pull off breakfast burritos that taste this good, if not for lack of trying.

Most of them offer subpar ones. This restaurant is also found near the Strip in Las Vegas, but a lot closer than the BBQ restaurant. As I mentioned in the review for Flock and Fowl, it is not uncommon for Las Vegas restaurants to have friendly and attentive staff. After all, with the cost of living being so high here, you really have to work hard if you want to remain a resident.

I was unsure of what to order when eating at Nacho Daddy for the first time, and luckily for me the staff member helped me through it. They asked me what kind of meat I prefer, whether or not I enjoy eating sauces with my meal, etc. By the end, my mouth was watering just thinking about the meal I was about to eat. Things like this are important in a restaurant if you want it to garner a great reputation with good online reviews.