Vandalism at the school

Just this past friday, there was an act of vandalism where a student or group of students spray painted hate symbols onto our school. They don’t really tell us as much as they could, but so far we know that there were nazi symbols and “white power” phrases or symbols. There’s an assembly schedule tomorrow, which means all of our classes are shorter and there’s an hour long assembly addressing the issue. Luckily for me, I’m unnoticeable enough to slip away without anybody really caring. I’m not sure if it’s mandatory, but they usually don’t take attendance during assemblies so I doubt it. So far there aren’t any suspects, but my friend and I were talking about potential suspects. He just moved down from Playa Vista, but he really misses working at the overnight dog boarding place.

Currently I’m in my library and they have a meeting going on where they’re trying to recruit different clubs and groups like the football team to show up during the assembly and represent things. Personally, I disagree with this kind of huge presentation. By making a huge stink out of what they spray painted, we’re accomplishing their goal. They wanted attention, and we’re giving it to them. We’re announcing to the world that these images bothered us, so now we’re admitting that they made us uncomfortable. Making us feel this way was literally THEIR GOAL. If we just swept this issue under the carpet and never addressed it officially, then they wouldn’t have accomplished what they wanted.

Nobody was hurt in the process, apart from a few weaker kids who got PTSD from seeing a swastika at school. If I was principal, I would have just ignored the symbols and covered it up without telling anyone and then the white power group wouldn’t be given any more power. That’s what this whole parade is doing. We are giving the hate groups more power over us by admitting that they won. They didn’t want to burn down the school or kill anyone, they just wanted to bother us and it worked. Not me, of course. I couldn’t really care less anyways plus I didn’t get a chance to see the graffiti before they covered it up.

My experience with pets

In the past, I have owned at least four pets. One was my dog, Dexter, which was probably the most important and memorable. Previously I had only really owned gerbils. Actually, make that three pets. I had fluffy, my original gerbil, who was white and female. I forget the other one gerbil’s name, but it was brown. I think its name was spike or something. Fluffy had this real issue with chewing on things, even more than a gerbil usually would. she would gnaw on everything we left in her cage with her, except for Naomi’s gerbil. I’m pretty sure his name was nighttime or something similar to that. Pretty sure one of the guys at the best Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Seattle like gerbils too.

Anyways, fluffy enjoyed chewing on things so much that she shredded the legs on her training wheel, which tipped over and crushed her. We didn’t discover her until we got home from some road trip, and I’m pretty sure we buried her in the backyard. I was around 4 or 5 at the time, so that’s why I don’t remember a ton of details. All I really remember is how she died. It had to have been before I was 6 years old, because that’s when we moved to my second house. This took place at my first house, which was a one-story.

We got dexter in 2011, I believe. He was only a year only and we got him around christmas time so we just claimed that christmas was his birthday. Dex was the only real family pet that we’ve ever had, and now that there’s no chance of our family becoming whole again, he’ll remain the only family pet. He was a dachshund/jack russell mix, which meant that he was a big yapper. That’s actually the reason he got taken away, but I’ll discuss that in my next post so stay tuned if you wanna hear more about my favorite pooch. Technically dex was actually “naomi’s dog” but she didn’t take any more care of him than the rest of the family did so he belonged to all of us.

Dogs vs cats as pets

First of all, I’m going to start this article by admitting that I’m on the side of dogs in this discussion, and there is no way that I will display an unbiased view in this article. I’m still going to talk about some features of cats that I like, but dogs still automatically win in this debate. Some people like to have a pet that will play games with them and provide them with some form of companionship. Some people want a lump of hair that sleeps all day and is incapable of going on walks.

As my dad told me, you can take a dog on a walk and you can take a cat for a drag. I know my buddy at the best Denver Restaurant Hood Cleaning Company absolutely prefers dogs over cats. Dog food is statistically cheaper and healthier for animals, and probably tastes better too. However, cats also have one benefit to society: cat videos. My mom is actually allergic and I’m far too lazy to raise a cat so there’s no way we would ever actually have one. If I were to put my facts into analogies, dogs would be a kids from the 1950s. They’re active, like good music, and are contributing members to society.  Cats are modern kids from the hood. 2/3 of them are obese and enjoy grotesque, obscene rap music, and they tag everything in sight with whatever letters they remember learning before dropping out of the first grade.

Now, I don’t believe cats are inherently evil. They just don’t understand that what they’re doing is wrong. All of their other cat companions enable them to act this way and they have a whole subculture surrounding them with negative influences, with nobody to teach them right from wrong. Dogs are very versatile companions, too. Not only can they serve the purpose of a guard dog, but they can serve in the K-9 unit, act in movies, guide disabled people or the elderly, and provide little children with a best friend who will always be there for them at home. Cats are cool too I guess